The Careers Advisors at my school were a bit rubbish to be honest!


They asked a few quick, vague questions and didn't really seem that interested.


By contrast, I provide high quality careers advice to experienced legal professionals.


I discuss career moves with Solicitors, Associates, Legal Director and Partners. 


 Where an individual is ready to move to a new firm, I facilitate the process, from initial introduction, right through to starting the new role and beyond. 


A good 'middleman' is a reliable trader who buys from producers and supplies to the

buying clients.

For me it's all about relationships.


It's about having trusting relationships with producers and being seen as a trusted 'go to' person for the buying clients.


How it works is that buyers come to us for quotes and market advice. We go to our suppliers to obtain the quotes. We sit between the two parties and facilitate all new and repeat sales orders.

The key aim being to reduce the costs for buyers and to increase orders and sales for our suppliers. Whilst always providing exceptional customer service to all parties.



Hemsley Ltd is all about being a great middleman, for the provision of services to individuals and companies throughout the UK.


Our two core services may seem different, however the process for both is in essence the same. In that we sit in the middle, equally, between two parties, and we broker the approriate outcomes for all concerned.  


Third party facilitation is all about making lives better and easier.


Whether it be helping a solicitor to land a fantastic career move. Or helping a buying client to reduce their purchasing costs, whilst helping a supplier to increase their profit from new orders.


It's all about creating opportunity, creating value, and providing exceptional customer service.


Location: Middlewich, Cheshire


Tel: 07443 548 851


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