Jane Selman, Head of HR, James T. Blakeman & Co. Ltd.

Liz recently conducted a mediation with two colleagues.  Throughout the process Liz was professional, calm and patient.  The success of the mediation was due to the manner in which Liz prepared and supported the parties involved.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Liz and I hope to work with her again.


Su Daintith - Phoenix Medical Supplies

I have seen Liz in action in group training sessions, Liz, the facilitator questions delegates in a way to start them thinking of how they would approach the situation. This allows the group to come up with ideas and steers the follow up questions to help them get to the answer themselves which is a skill!
Liz’s experience in mediation and alternative dispute resolution means that she is able to view issues with a holistic approach allowing people to be heard and a resolution to be reached between the parties. 
Liz is a true HR professional and easy to speak to making you feel safe. I would recommend her to any business.


Steve Dent - Milk Link

I worked with Liz on a leadership development programme delivered to a large diverse manager audience. She brought great energy to the project, superb facilitation skills and a passion for supporting the development of managers at Milk Link.
I found Liz to be decisive, full of drive. She always had a continuous improvement approach, never accepting that ‘good’ was good enough and this helped the programme to be so successful. She played a significant part in a very successful programme that was a finalist in the IGD Training Awards.


If you want passion, high quality and results, then she is definitely the person you want to work with.


Hilary Carroll - Monsoon Accessorize

Liz was a highly capable Learning and Development professional. She was fully focussed on the needs of the business and the internal customer. Her positivity transferred easily into all that she did in Learning and Development, she was committed to anything she undertook and colleagues were very responsive to her.


Paul Jonson, Senior Partner, Pannone Corporate 

Rob Hemsley came in to do a short piece of work with me around Business Development strategy and associated Sales techniques.  I’d asked for an ‘adult’ version due to being an experienced individual.  Rob specifically tailored the session to my needs, which was appreciated and meant that the time was well spent. 

We covered numerous Business Development topics, focusing specifically on my role as leader of the firm. We looked at new and existing client business, as well as strategic future target clients.  

By using his considerable client engagement experience, Rob definitely challenged my thinking and the tips and techniques covered have given me much food for thought.

I am looking forward to reviewing our client strategies and implementing these new techniques in the coming months. I am positive that the advice given will help me to grow our revenues, and importantly to focus our Business Development activities in the ‘right’ areas. 





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